When it comes to protecting one of your most expensive assets—your home—safety and security come first. In a city like Perth, where crime rates are high, it’s essential to have a reliable locksmith on call. For over 25 years, this is where Clint of Power Lock and Security comes in.

Clint is an expert locksmith based in Perth who provides residential and commercial security solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. His professional lock-smithing experience began at the age of sixteen when he was invited to join his uncle in the business which has since grown into a well respected family trade. He’s taken great pride in providing top quality service with old school attention to detail; dedicated to advancing locksmithing technology for modern security needs.

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Clint and get up close and personal with this inspiring 27-year veteran locksmith professional. In an open and candid interview we were able to gain insight into Clint’s vast knowledge about making homes and businesses significantly safer than it was before his intervention. With wide range of available services, from master key systems, deadlocks, restricted key systems, digital door locks, safes and other custom security solutions, all backed by friendly customer service and a guarantee on workmanship – it’s no wonder that many locals have chosen him as their go-to locksmith here in Perth.

Whether it be re-key existing lock or installing new deadbolt on your front door – Clint takes the time to provide personalized advice to customers and ensure they understand why they are doing what they are doing without feeling pressured into purchasing something they don’t need. He goes above and beyond his duties by helping raise security awareness within our community through workshops at local schools, continuing adult education seminars as well as volunteering his time for charity events related to crime prevention or family domestic violence initiatives – all in an effort to improve overall safety for everyone involved

For those seeking advanced home or business security options such as access control systems or electronic door buzzers – Clint is more than capable of delivering top caliber products from leading industry brands such as Yale Security Systems Australia, Union Locks Australia & Abloy Australia while providing impeccable maintenance services afterwards if needed.

At the end of our meeting we asked him “What do you wish would change in your field?” Without hesitation he responded: “I wish there was more awareness about the importance –and power– of residential security measures for keeping people safe” putting emphasis on families investing in proper alarms & locks especially if children are part of their household . We believe it’s important that other businesses follow this example by merging their core values with trustworthy practices worthy of society’s support & recognition; something that Power Lock & Security has heavily contribute with over its long years running within our beautiful city.

In summary, choosing Clint from Power Lock & Security goes beyond having a good locksmith for your property; you can finally rest assured knowing that you made an informed decision as you entrust someone who not only provides professional quality work but also has your best interests at heart!